Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Fan Girl Moment 101:TLC are coming to Australia!

Yes, you read that correctly! 

If, like me you were lucky enough to live through the 90s, at one stage you probably went to bed hoping you would awake as an African American female vocalist. 

Let's be honest, you probably still do, BEYONCE MUCH?! 

Australia's music scene has never been short of excitement, but as someone who sang all the wrong lyrics to "Waterfall***" as a kid, I'm happy to rectify my mistakes on Friday, the 6th of June. 

The duo, will be performing at The Enmore Theatre in Sydney for one night only! 

Details for the national tour are as follows:

Friday, 6th of June Enmore Theatre, Sydney 
Saturday, 7th of June Eatons Hall, Brisbane 
Wednesday, 11th of June, Palais Theatre, Melbourne
Friday, 13th of June, Metro City, Perth

Tickets are available for purchase as of Thursday 24th of April. 

I'll leave you with one of my favourite songs. Warning, you'll probably have it on repeat for the remainder of your week. 

***Yes the lyrics I used to sing were "Don't go Jason Waterfall." Thanks to the wise ears of my girl band obsessed friends, I now know the girls were suggesting that you "Don't go chasing waterfalls."



I've been MIA. But with good reason, I promise! #LifeUpdate

Hi lovers,

It's been a while!

I wont lie, in between the Christmas break the past few months I've been a busy bee. Undertaking everything from a Masters Degree, to low-carb diets, straight through to bridesmaid duties-my baby sister from another mister is getting married, whooot whooot!

I've missed the blogosphere, but have admittedly been ridiculously active on Instagram and Twitter, so feel free to follow me and take pleasure in a good few hours of stalking. 

However, one of the most exciting projects I’ve been working on is one that I've been putting off for years. No, I'm not getting a nose job. Thank God my Woggy genes don't consist of massive noses. I am however, finally putting my verbal diarrhoea to good use by partnering up with an old Uni buddy and producing our very own weekly radio show. 

We've called it The # Carlos and Abi Show. Yes, you read that right. "The HASHTAG, Carlos and Abi Show." 

It's an easy listening show if I do say so myself, with content mostly based around all things popular culture. 

Enough bias bullsh*t from me though, because it's taken us a while, but with the use of Carlos' handy MAC, we've managed to record our very own podcast! Enjoy putting a voice to the words, and selfie-featuring face to the Wogarella you currently know. I doubt you would expect any less huskiness, ha!

*Carlos and I being Boofheads in the studio

Be sure to tune in to Triple H Fm on Mondays between 7pm-8pm. PS next Monday, Carlos and I will be speaking to the lovely Joelle (X Factor) about her latest single, her insanely fabulous brows, and any other inappropriate questions I'm sure we will come up with. So, with Tabouli in hand, set your Tune In Radio App to the 100.1FM frequency, and enjoy the show!

PSS If you're feeling extra charitable/sociable, feel free to give us a call on 8086 1900. 



Thursday, 14 November 2013

Jennifer Lawerance: Why Hunger Is Not a Game


Whilst I've always been one to jump on the bandwagon and pretty much stop by and tell anyone who will listen about my next pop culture cult following, I believe my love for this Hollywood actress stems further than her lead role as (the kick ass) Katniss of Hunger Games.

Sure she won our votes (and a few prestigious industry awards too) for portraying an emotionally challenged girl in Silverlinings Playbook with Bradley Cooper, but that's not my main reason for flying the "I-heart-Jennifer-Lawrence" flag. She recently won a bucket-full of brownie points for rushing off of the red carpet toward a cryingfan, only to comfort her too.  

Most impressively, during a Q&A session with Yahoo! Media, she's spoken about how much scrutiny and pressure is held towards women in society. To be frank, she's irritated, because, well like most instagrammers, she's a full-blown Foodie at heart. 

Now, despite my obsession with clean eating, fitness and general well-being, I'm not exactly a skinny-girl hater, however I'm bloody proud to call myself an advocate for a healthy attitude towards body image. Jennifer is right, growing up a lot of the media coverage did leave me feeling subconsciously rancid, but truth be told I also had a few great magazines which helped me instil a bit of knowledge and confidence in myself as a teenager, so props to you Cosmo body love section, Cleo as well. 

However, times have changed and some girls are thinking Heroine Chic is the style to aspire to. Cue incredible role model Miss J Lawrence to put things into perspective here

PS a little something that irritated me was the fact that a quick Google search indicated that rather than including key words from movie titles she had been featured in, people were more interested in her weight, hence the screenshot below. 

Aghhh as horrible as it is, let's ignore Google's suggestions and focus on the message Jennifer is trying to get out, quit abusing yourself by comparing your body to the body of an airbrushed model that probably had a team of experts behind her to assist with everything from a strict diet regime, training schedule, and great lighting. 

Do you agree with Jennifer's "Screw that!" mentality? I know I do. 



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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Hair Envy: Vanessa Hudgens

Like most us Vanessa has an unfortunate case of "baby hairs" creeping up upon the front of her hairline. But really, it’s very doubtful that anyone would even notice the growth because they'll be too busy taking (hairspiration anyone?) pictures to send to their respective hairdressers. And I don't blame them! The balayage styled strands include a perfect blend of chestnut/golden hues that simply couldn't go unrecognised on the red carpet at the Season 2 premiere of The Carrie Diaries, which she attended in support of her boyfriend Austin Butler.

I hate to sound like an absolute cow, but truth be told I’ve always had a bit of a love-hate relationship with Vanessa’s Style.

However, despite the tacky belly ring (I’m sorry, I just don’t like them. Let alone the dangly ring she’s rocking), I actually adore this outfit!

Military Chic: Vee's outfit breakdown.

  •  Military coat, while its officially spring in Sydney, the weather is still going from one extreme to the other, so bring your khaki coat back out to play!
  • Black trousers, I recommend a pair of staple trousers from either Zara  Country Road, purely because of their fit/quality/value for money.
  • Leopard print cropped tee or alternatively a shirt for those of us who don't have washboard abs.
  • Glowing Tan, slip, slop, and slap, but be sure to book yourself into a tanning salon to complete this look. 

Do you have a massive case of hair envy now? That's right, I knew you would. 



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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Gym Inspiration: Leopard Print Tights

Admittedly, even as a Wogarella I'm a little bit selective with my leopard printed clothing and accessories. 

You see, sure like most Wogarella's adding a little bit of leopard print to my outfit makes me truly happy. It must be in the veins. But just because it's leopard print it doesn't necessarily mean it's hot. 

Over the years, my cousin Sarah and I have continued to live by this theory. I'm not saying that unless it's LV scarf it can't be worn, because believe me I've found a few beauties in my regular Westfields at shops such as Portmans and Sportsgirl. 

But, leopard prints have a tendency to immediately turn from classy to trashy. Know your prints people. For example, Supre has ruined it with it's cheaper materials which aren't always flattering on someone with a huge booty. This is clearly a first world problem, but it's definitely a subjective one. 

Regardless, this morning the lovely Jennifer Hawkins uploaded a fabulous image on Instagram which not only included some funky-ass headphones that I desperately want, but also a pair of sexy dance tights. 

I won't lie, they're a bit diva-esque, but I heart them. And sure, I have two left feet, and will probably only wear them when jogging or lifting weights, but I'm a huge fan. 

Here are a few images of the tights which can be purchased from Myer or online  The Upside Sport store:

Look, like most leopard printed clothing, I would recommend holding off on any out of control "print-mixing" to ensure the garment is shown off fashionably. But besides that, I can't wait until my foot heals so I can get out there and train in these tights. 

They retail at $119.95.
Ps nice nails Jen, I think you got the memo, we're matching. 

"If sweatpants were all that fit me right now" these would be my first choice. Soz Adidas, but you've been back -benched my friends.

Would you wear Leopard Print tights?




Sunday, 25 August 2013

2013 VMA Vault of Awkwardness Continues

Just a few short hours ago celebs were tweeting their way onto the VMA's Red Carpet.

As usual this awards show didn't disappoint, sure there were great performances by the likes of Justin Timberlake, Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga, but there were also a few shudder-worthy moments to add to the VMA Vault of Awkwardness. 

I'm putting it out there, Miley Cyrus needs to get off the "Molly". I've spoken of Miley's weirdish behaviour once before here.

But she's absolutely cracked it this time. A few highlights include the crotch grab, frolicking around stage twerking in front of Robin Thicke's man parts and her very-average live voice (no surprises there right?) 

I actually can't even deal with Taylor Swift’s reaction when her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles took to the stage. The bitter beauty has been captured mouthing off to bestie Selena Gomez, as you do when your ex is within the same vicinity. Every time I look at this gif I’m in stitches! It’s even funnier because Selena is obviously onto the shifty cameraman and is trying to play it cool. Great move Sel, great move!

Just in case Harry didn’t get the kick to his groin the first time around, Taylor also thanked "the person who inspired this song [Styles], because now I have one of these".

A full list of winners can be found here.

Do you think the VMA’s lived up to the hype?



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